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Plumbing Leak Detection

Our Plumbers Will Find And Fix Your Leak Quickly

B&B Plumbing, Inc. has the latest technology used to locate your leak! Our high tech system for detecting leaks of all kinds is the most up-to-date system out there. Serving customers all throughout Southern California, we are the plumber you need to detect leaks, whether you suspect them or not.

What Leaks Can We Detect?

Our up-to-date technology allows us to detect all sorts of leaks. Whether you’ve got a gas leak, a water leak, a sewage leak, or many more, we can find it for you. You may or may not already know that there is a leak somewhere, but after it is found, we have the proper equipment and expertise that are necessary to get the issues fixed.

Where Can We Find Leaks?

With our high tech equipment, we can literally find a leak anywhere. Leaks are most commonly found underground, but we have also found leaks within the walls or other structural elements of buildings. Without the leaks being found, there can be an awful lot of damage done to your home or other areas of your property which will require much more repair than if the leak was found sooner. If you give us a call, we will find the leak!

What Should You Do?

If you suspect there is a leak, you should contact B&B Plumbing, Inc. right away at 714-970-7977. You may have seen a pool of water forming in the yard, or you may have noticed your water bill go up slightly each month without explanation. Chances are that you have a leak somewhere that you are unaware of. Let us come in and take a look at your situation. With our expertise and technology we can find, re-route, and re-pipe all in one day so that you don’t have to put up with the situation for too long. Give us a call at 714-970-7977.

Slab Leak Tips

When water or sewer pipes spring a leak beneath the slab of your foundation, you can end up with a serious problem on your hands. Not only will you be wasting significant amounts of water, but over time you could end up developing mold or odor issues that affect your air quality or even structural problems affecting your entire property. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help prevent slab leaks from causing extensive damage.

Start with a Solid Foundation

First and foremost, it is important to invest in a solid foundation with quality cement or concrete to house your pipes. This helps limit the risk of shifting or cracking in the foundation leading to broken or sheared pipes, which would obviously create a huge slab leak.


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Get Water Pressure Analysis

Another excellent method for preventing slab leaks is to get a professional plumber to perform a water pressure analysis. Excessive water pressure is a common cause of plumbing problems and can actually affect all of your pipes–not just those beneath the slab.

Get a Pipe Inspection from B&B

Having your pipes inspected with an inline drain camera will also help prevent slab leaks by enabling you to have corroded or otherwise weakened pipes replaced proactively.

Routine Drain Cleaning Prevents Leaks

Finally, be sure to get routine service for your main line drain system. This is another way of helping to prevent the sorts of pressure buildups that can be damaging to plumbing. At B & B Plumbing, Inc. we offer expert drain cleaning services, and right now drain cleanings come with a free video inspection. This lets you get two vital services for slab leak prevention for the price of one!

What If You Already Have a Slab Leak?

If you have already noticed any of the following problems, it is highly likely you already have a slab leak:

  • Unexplained sounds of running water
  • A sudden and dramatic increase in water usage on your bill
  • Hot spots on floors
  • New cracks in walls or foundations
  • Increased indoor humidity and/or signs of moisture on walls or flooring

B&B Plumbing, Inc. can come inspect your property to pinpoint the exact location of the leak and provide a long lasting Slab Leak Repair. B&B Plumbing, Inc. will do everything in our power to minimize the damage and disruption involved in accessing pipes beneath a slab, and you can rely on us to use the latest in no-dig and low-dig pipe repair technology to the fullest possible effect. We have over 29 years of experience in this area and we are confident you will be satisfied with our work. In case of a huge slab leak, you can call us any time–day or night–for emergency service at 714-970-7977.

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